Back to School Driving Tips

Back to School Driving Tips
Sep 2016

It's amazing how much time you spend on the road all summer long! Between taking your kids to and from summer activities, traveling on vacations, or just driving them around to keep them entertained, you've probably spent more time driving during the summer than you did all the rest of the year. But now that your kids are back to school, it's important to think less about getting where you need to go quickly. Instead, it's time to focus on safety-not just your safety, but the safety of your kids (and all kids) now that they're back in school.
Here's a quick refresher course on driving safety around school:
Be careful at drop-off and pick-up -- Not all kids drive home with their parents-some walk home. This means there are always children crossing streets around the school. Keep an eye out when in line to pick your kids up. You never know when a child will dart out in the street to chase a ball or catch a friend.
Don't double park -- Double parking may seem like a good idea if you're going to run into the school quickly to pick up your kids, but it can create blind spots for other drivers and pedestrians. Find somewhere to park properly, or sit in the line.
Be patient -- Now that school is back in session, you're going to have to get used to waiting to reach the front of the school to pick up or drop off your kids. Bring a book, listen to music, or turn on the radio. Do whatever you need to to stay happy while sitting in line.
Slow down -- Slow down when approaching a school zone! You never know when a child will cross the street on their own, without a crossing guard. Keep an eye on the sidewalks as you drive.
Be aware of the rules -- When driving behind a bus, be certain you're passing safely. Know when it's okay to pass a bus: when there are multiple lanes on the road, and one of those lanes is a center turn. Give the school bus plenty of room, and be patient. They are transporting precious cargo!
Be aware of new drivers -- Over the summer, many teenagers have begun to break in their driving skills. They may not yet be experienced drivers, so they are more likely to scare or make mistakes. When driving in areas near a high school or college, remember that there are likely to be new drivers on the road. Be courteous and show them a good example of how to be a safe driver.
Make an effort to be a better driver this school year, and you can help to reduce the number of serious vehicle accidents in your city!